Portable Cashier's Ticket Printer

Portable Cashier's Ticket Printer

ER-80A is a most competitive 80mm(paper width) mobile thermal receipt printer with Three-In-One interfaces(Bluetooth+OTG USB+Serial RS232). It works with most of Android Point of Sale App, and prints out the excellent mobile invoice via Bluetooth connectivity without any cable. It is a...

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Portable Cashier's Ticket Wireless Bluetooth2.0 Mobile Printer


ER-80A is a most competitive 80mm(paper width) mobile thermal receipt printer with Three-In-One interfaces(Bluetooth+OTG USB+Serial RS232). It works with most of Android Point of Sale App, and prints out the excellent mobile invoice via Bluetooth connectivity without any cable. It is a best choice if you are running and managing a shop,store,restaurant,bar or kiosk.  


 • Capable of Solution Customization
 • SDK and Online Powerful Technical Support Available for Customer Development
 • Multiple languages which cover most of countries all around the world
 • Pocket size(112mm x 100mm x 52mm)
 • Light weight (280g) for true mobility  
 • Added Easy-to-Operate Cover Opening Button
 • Bluetooth(V2.0) Interface compatible with Android / Windows / Wince
 • OTG USB Interface compatible with Android / Windows
 • RS232 Serial Interface compatible with Windows and RS232 Level Device
 • Windows 10 Driver Available
 • Graphics, 1D, 2D symbologies (QR code / PDF417) supported
 • High printing speed basing on 32-bit ARM processor
 • High resolution(203dpi: 8 dots/mm)

 • Super high print quality basing on own mature printing technology
 • Long standby hours with 2000mAh Rechargeable Li-on Battery
 • Traditional Chinese(Big5/GB18030)/Japanese/Korean are available for customization
 • ESC/POS Emulation
 • Logo / Trademark Download and Printing supported
 • LED lights to indicate Battery Level status/charging status/paper status/power status / Bluetooth connection status


 • Mobile POS Receipt
 • Traveling Sales
 • Delivery/Transportation Slip
 • Ticketing
 • Logistics
 • Restaurant/Hotel
 • Retail Business
 • Taxi meter
 • Barcode
 • Warehousing & Distribution
 • Healthcare
 • Remote Fault Recording
 • Hospitality
 • Parking
 • Utility Billing
 • Field Sales and Service
 • Material Management 


Restaurant receipt


Retail/Sales receipt


Taxi invoice

Technical data




Black(Or Customized basing MOQ)

Print Method

Line Thermal

Resolution/Total Dots

203 dpi/576 dots

Dot Density

8 dots/mm

Print Speed

Up to 90 mm (3.54 inches) per second (ips).

Print Width


     (Code page)

Simplified Chinese(standard)


Traditional Chinese(optional*)





Code page 949


Extended character sets

OEM437(Standard Europe),Katakana,
OEM863(Canadian-French),OEM 865(Nordic),
West Europe,Greek,Hebrew,East Europe,Iran,
Windows Code Page 1252,OEM866(Cyrillic#2),OEM 852(Latin2),OEM858,IranII,Latvian,Arabic,Windows Code Page 1251, OEM864


Simplified Chinese(standard)

24×24dots 24 characters/line

Traditional Chinese(optional*)

24×24dots 24 characters/line


24×24dots 24 characters/line


24×24dots 24 characters/line

Font A(standard)

12×24dots 48 characters/line

Font B(standard)

9×17dots 64 characters/line


1D Barcode

EAN13, EAN8, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 93, ITF Codabar, Code 39, Code 128

2D Code



ESC/POS+ additional unique commands

Data Buffer

10K Bytes



112mm x 100mm x 52mm

Raw Weight



Bluetooth V2.0(EDR,Class 2)

Applied in Android/Windows/Wince OS

RS232 serial

Applied in Windows OS or RS232 compatible device

USB(OTG Supported)

Applied in Android/Windows/Linux OS


External Adapter

100V~240V AC  Input à 9V 1.5A~2A DC output

Built-in Battery

Lithium-Ion 7.4 V. 2000 mAh

Charging Time

About 3 hours

Battery Duration

Standby time >70hours, print receipts >1000pcs(each receipt length= 15cm) with one full charge

Maximum Print Lines per Charge

50,000 (continuous printing with printing rate 25% max )

Reliability (MTBF)

50km (printing rate 25% max)



0.06 to 0.08mm





Operating Condition


-10°C to 50°C



Storage Condition


-40 ℃~70 ℃



Packing Information

One Carton : 30pcs
Carton size: 44cm x 38cm x 41cm  
Carton Gross Weight:
18Kg (For Europe/USA Plug)  
19Kg(For UK Plug)
Package Size/piece: 21cm x 12.4cm x 7cm

Remark 1: optional* listed above means it’s not for the standard shipment, so please leave us messages if you wanna purchase optional version. Or else we will ship the goods with standard version. 


Your goods comes with the following items:  


Part Number




Thermal printer



AC charger



1 Roll of thermal paper



CD Disk






USB cable



DB9 serial cable
(For RS232 serial interface)



Pouch for Printer

Remark:Accessories may be different from list above depending on customer’s requirement.
 If you need “optional*” item, please inform us before ordering.


Q.How to print  a sample receipt to this bluetooth printer from Android device?

A: Our company developed unique SDK for Android Application , android app engineer could easily combine SDK into and upgrade existed mPOS app to support printing to this mobile portable printer via bluetooth communication.

Here we show you our easy test procedure using our demo app which is deveoped basing on our SDK.



Power on printer, and go to Android device "setting"-->"bluetooth"-->Turn on Bluetooth function, and search for the bluetooth printer.



Pair with the bluetooth printer, and enter pairing code"1234" if needed.


Install our demo apk named"bluetoothdemo.apk",and open it start printing.


Click "Connect printer" to create connection to this bluetooth printer, you will see "connected sucessfully" prompt.

best-price-wireless-printer.jpgBarcode printing

If you need to print barcode or QRCode or PDF417,please input the barcode datas, select the barcode type and click relative button to print them out.

small-printers-for-sale.jpgImage/Logo printing

If you need to print image,please browse image from media and click "Print Image".If you need print a logo,please choose the logo by clicking on "Browse Image..." ,and then clicking on "Download Logo", and finally clicking on "Print Logo".


       Barcode sample


     QRCode/PDF417 sample


      Image/Logo sample

Q. Is this portable mini wireless POS thermal receipt printer compatible with Square Register? 

A: No, Square Register only works with Epson and Star mobile printer currently. Seems square has no plan on opening for other printer supplier.


Q. Is this portable mini bluetooth receipt printer auto connected to phone or pad when bluetooth is in range?

A:Yes, could say that. But technically,

for Android and other non-iOS device, once bluetooth printer is paired at the first time, then it works for ever(means no need to pair every time when printer is powered on), but auto-connect is actually done by App while printing a receipt, user do not need to worry about this.

for iOS, it’s different from Android, user does not need to pair even for the first time. All the job will be done by app,user does not need to worry about this too.

But one important thing is : No matter you want to use this bluetooth printer on Android or iOS, you need to have app or you can develop app for your purpose, or you have app resource to help you develop an app for your business purpose.


Q. Will this portable mini receipt printer work with paypal here?

A:Paypal Here might only work with Epson or Star mobile printer, and paypal here is not open with a lot of countries. We do not recommend unless you want a try.(We can not test in our country due to Paypal Here is not for our country yet)


Q. If a certain android app uses its own drivers and dll (extension files), can i get it to work anyway?

A:Our mobile printer is compatible with Epson ESC/POS command very well, if your android app with your own driver and dll is compatible with Epson ESC/POS command set, then you may get it worked. Anyway, if you have this kind of android app, please contact us, we are professional, we can install your app and help test and see if it is working ? If not, our engineer can update printer and provide a solution for you.(But hope you are not going to only buy 1 printer or several ^^--)


Q. Any particular app available for printing customized receipts using iPad ? also can it be used with windows xp ?

A: MobiPOS (installed on ipad) works well with our mobile Wi-Fi printer ER-80WF (paper width 80mm)

B: Loyverse POS (installed on iPhone or iPad) can be used for receipt printing , it works perfectly with  ER-80WF Wi-Fi printer (paper width 80mm)  and ER-58W Wi-Fi printer (paper width 58mm) .

If you need to choose other POS app for iOS,  you have to get to know if there is any app which can support mobile printing, and then work with us to test.

C: Our mobile printer provide multiple interfaces (like USB,Wi-Fi,RS232,Bluetooth) which are all  compatible with windows XP, windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1, windows 10, We have self-developed independent windows driver just like Star or Epson printer windows driver. You could easily install it and get printer worked very fast. Our mobile printers would be best choices for windows tablets which is getting popular now.

Q. Will this printer work with quickbooks to print invoices/receipts?


Q. Will this bluetooth printer print form and invoice from android app? or from windows? Or both?

A:Yes,of course. ER-80A is compatible with android OS, and windows OS. But please note that you need to have app that works with bluetooth printer for android.

Q. Can this mobile printer be connected to my laptop as i have billing software and can it be synchronized with my billing software ?

A:Yes,our portable printer supports the windows laptop or windows PC or windows tablet, we have Windows driver for your windows applications. 

Q. The font size can be changed? How to change?

A: Use ESC/POS command “GS ! n” to set font size. If you are developing android app or iOS app, please contact our tech to get sample code on how to change font size, bold...., here is the sample receipt printed from our demo(source code).


Q. Will this mobile printer print PDF files, image files?

A:For Windows, if you need to print PDF or image files, please just install our Windows driver.

For Android,our demo app already supports printing image, but not yet upgraded to support PDF files. But if needed, we could customize it for you.

Q. Will the portable printer be shipped with driver together?

A:Yes, for standard shipment ,there is a CD in the package. 

Q. Does this mobile printer attach to a cash drawer to auto open the drawer? Either 12v or 24v?

-Nope. This mobile printer does not support driving cash drawer. If you do need a mobile printer which can driver cash drawer , and also with auto cutter, we can recommand a model to you,very high-tech product,We can introduce it to you.

Q. Does this bluetooth printer work with paypal here for android ?

A: No, Paypal Here only works with Epson or star portable printer.

Q. Does it come with paper? What is the replacement paper to order?

A:We proivde one paper roll for your testing. You could buy the paper easily from local or buy it from us.

paper type: thermal paper, easy and cheap to buy

paper width:79~80mm

paper roll diameter: Max 45mm (usually 40mm)

Q. What roll size of paper does this printer use, precisely? Thank you

A: You could search by "80x40mm" thermal paper. 80mm means paper width, 40mm means paper roll diameter. 

Q. Where can I buy refills on the paper?

A:This printer is using thermal paper, easy and cheap to buy from local or amazon or from us(but shipping fees is expensive if you need to buy from us,please compare, we are not going to earn profit from you on paper,just for your convenience). 

Q. Where can I find the android app?

A:Well, please watch our youtube video. I think those app might be OK for you.

Q. Can I connect more than 1 iOS device to the printer at one time?

A: No, this bluetooth printer is only for Android and Windows and NON-iOS . Please refer to model ER-80AI for iOS application.

Q. How can we get sdk? What is name of app software?

A: Please contact us to get SDK by email. Please watch our youtube video and see if those app is OK for your purpose.

Q. Has anyone bought paper for this machine? I can't find the correct size paper.

A:paper type: thermal paper, easy and cheap to buy

paper width:79~80mm

paper roll diameter: Max 45mm (usually 40mm)

You could search by keywords "80x40mm thermal paper " or "80x40 thermal paper" .

Q. Is this printer compatible with the latest android above 4.2 ?

A: It could be compatible with the latest android above 4.2 perfectly, like Android 5.0 , Android 6.0.... 

Q.Is there a spare part for replacement when the printer head or other part goes to the end of life ?

A:Yes, we are manufacturer of our products.

During warranty perioid, we will send spare parts to repair for free.

After warranty is expired, we will continue to provide spare parts for repairing at reasonable fees.

Q:Will this bluetooth printer work with an iPhone or iPad? If not , any suggestions on a portable reciept printer?

A:No, this bluetooth printer is only for Android and Windows and NON-iOS . Please refer to model ER-80AI for iOS application.

Q.Can it work with Android? Because I have a recipe app already on my android phone.

A: Yes, a lot of android app works well with our bluetooth printer. You coud watch our youtube videos , those app might be OK for your purpose. Please tell us your app, we have professional team, we will test and see if it is compatible with our printer. If not, we can update the printer to get it worked with your app.

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