58mm Mini Receipt Printer

58mm Mini Receipt Printer

ER-58A is a 58mm mini wireless bluetooth printer which mainly works with Android phone or pad, or Windows tablet/laptop to print receipt. People usually use this pocket bluetooth printer for retail payment system, mobile payment, taxi receipt system, car parking, transportation, etc

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Product Details

58mm Mini Receipt Printer,Bluetooth Thermal Portable Printer

(Model: ER-58A)



Mini Printer EA-58A Advantages

 • SDK and Online Powerful Technical Support Available for Customer Development
 • Multiple languages which cover most of countries all around the world
 • Pocket size(106mm x 75mm x 45mm)
 • Light weight (185g) for true mobility  
 • Bluetooth(V2.0) Interface compatible with Android / Windows / Wince
 • OTG USB Interface compatible with Android / Windows
 • RS232 Serial Interface compatible with Windows and RS232 Level Device
 • Graphics, 1D, 2D symbologies (QR code / PDF417) supported
 • High printing speed basing on 32-bit ARM processor
 • High resolution(203dpi: 8 dots/mm)
 • Super high print quality basing on own mature printing technology
 • Long standby hours with 1500mAh Rechargeable Li-on Battery
 • Traditional Chinese(Big5 / GB18030) /Japanese/Korean are available for customization 

 Mobile POS Receipt
 Traveling Sales
 Delivery/Transportation Slip
 Retail Business
 Taxi meter
 Warehousing & Distribution
 Remote Fault Recording
 Utility Billing
 Field Sales and Service
 Material Management 


EastRoyce is a pro of printer manufacturing and developing.

Every printer shipped by us is restrictly passed every test.


Our main  testing procedure is : 

1> Test each circuit board after firmware is loaded. 

Make sure first basic test is 100% passed.


2> Assemble circuit board into printer enclosure,  

then will have a first function test  of whole printer


3> For example, we are going to manufacture 1000pcs printers, we will  need to put 1000pcs power chargers onto our aging test platform,connect them one by one to 1000pcs printers. Keep chargers plugged in power, then starts aging test, which means not only the printer itself need to be passed aging test, but also the power chargers.

During the whole aging test, we will also need to do the following:

====charge all the printers until  fully charged, observe the indicator color ( red color---charging sucessfully    blue color--charge completed    red&blue ---charging error , pick out this printer and send it to reparing center)

====when all printers are fully charged and all charge indicators turns green , will go to the next step. 

====power on 1000pcs printers one by one on the aging test platform,  check power indicators and power status( if any one is failed, pick it out and send it to reparing center), then keep all printers working on this platform for 4~8 hours (at least 4 hours)  , if everything is OK, then those printers will be moved to the next step. Otherwise send them to repairing center.


4>Start second function test of the whole printer. at this step, we will also test every cable.  

When it comes to the end of step 4>, you could see that

Printer passed test.

Charger passed test.

Battery passed test.

Cable passed test.

Then move to packing....

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