The Function Of Grating Positioning Of UV Flat Printer

- Jul 14, 2017-

1, grating Bar Popular speaking is the UV flat printer ruler, equipment in the printing process, according to the actual size of the output pattern, the car left and right back and forth, after the computer output Printing command issued, the printer head moved out of the initial position, at this time, the machine grating sensor to sense the scale on it, so as to define the correct print printing interval.

2, if the UV flat-panel printer grating surface has any stain or dust heap, grating sensor will not be able to perceive the scale of the digital, can not accurately determine the moving range, resulting in the print positioning is not allowed.

3, the solution is also very simple: the use of dust-free cloth or cotton cloth to the point of alcohol, will be UV flat-panel printer grating from start to finish gently, along a direction, not to go back and forth to wipe, so as to ensure the smoothness of its surface.

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