The Difference Between A UV Printer And A Traditional Printing Press

- Jul 14, 2017-

Many customers are not very clear about the difference between UV printers and traditional printing presses, today to introduce the production process of traditional printing presses, specific and the mainstream of the UV printer difference where!

Water Transfer printing:

Water transfer printing is a special ink, use the ordinary inkjet printing machine to print on the special transfer paper, and then put the transfer paper affixed to the object to be transferred, put the ink in the water in order to transfer to the object to be transferred, you can transfer to the metal porcelain plastic. Generally can be insured for a long time will not fade.

In simple terms, water transfer printing is the need to transfer pictures printed on the water transfer paper, water transfer paper is a special paper with film, sprayed on the surface to protect the pattern, and then put in the water bubble for about 1 minutes, so that the membrane and paper separation, and then slowly transfer the film onto the carrier, remove the bubble, and then put in the oven bake a few minutes to strengthen, water transfer printing can be printed plastic shell, in baking temperature at about 70 degrees, bake more than 30 minutes can be.

Thermal transfer:

Thermal transfer needs to be with the layer transfer carrier, the Common Cup plate, will be printed in the picture with thermal transfer ink on the ordinary ink-jet paper with the heat transfer machine baked to the carrier, OK, but the temperature is relatively high, not suitable for plastic. There is the transfer of clothing, pure cotton to use high temperature pigment ink, with professional T-shirt transfer paper.

This is the difference between the UV printer and ordinary traditional printing presses, simple operation, that is, hit and dry, time-saving labor saving labor.

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