Printing Solutions For The Jewelry Industry

- Mar 05, 2021-

We go to the jewelry store,

Often only care about the beauty and price of the jewelry in the showcase,

We will ignore how the price tag next to it is made?


EastRoyce brings super benefits to jewelry merchants

"Printing Solution for Jewelry Industry"


Including the new ER-5801 portable label printer,

Jewelry label APP (eLabel) developed by EastRoyce,

Exclusive printing label paper for jewelry label.

Perfectly customize your personalized label,

Become an indispensable assistant for jewelry merchants~

ER-5801 working in eLbel app




ER-5801 Label printer


label printer thermal  (3

ER-5801 Packing-

Please contact us to download the Jewelry Label APP

Inquiry for printer details: 

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