Printing Paper Output Black

- Jul 14, 2017-

For the needle printer, the cause of the fault is the color belt hair removal, ink on the color belt too much, print head dirty, color belt quality difference and push rod position too near, etc., overhaul should first adjust the position of the putter, such as fault can not be excluded, replace the color belt, clean the print head, generally can troubleshoot; For inkjet printers, should focus on check whether the nozzle is damaged, ink pipe rupture, ink model is normal, etc. for laser printers, most of them are due to corona discharge wire failure or control circuit failure, Causes the laser to transmit all the time, resulting in the printout content black. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether corona discharge wires have been disconnected or corona high pressure is present and whether the beam detectors in the laser beam path are working properly.

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