Printing Costs Only 1 Cent

- Oct 24, 2018-

Printing costs only 1 cent,you deserve this printer(ER-58)

In modern society, mobile phones can help us accomplish a lot of things, but 

printing still needs a printer to complete, some documents, to-do, etc. still 

need to be printed out, but a few dollars a print is really expensive and 

inconvenient. Today we are introducing a mini thermal printer --ER-58W.


It is small and convenient, the volume is only 106 * 75 * 45 mm, and can be 

easily put into the pocket. With lithium battery, no need to plug in power, 

connect with Bluetooth and mobile phone, and fight at any time and anywhere. 

And it is a non-ink cartridge thermal printing technology, just change the 

printing paper on the line, cost less than a penny per sheet, use it 

completely without concern!

As for endurance, the built-in lithium battery is full of electricity and can 

work about 3 hours. And it is Micro USB interface, charging is very 

convenient. It's more meaningful to print your thoughts and make your hand 

accounts. High precision printing head has longer service life and clearer 

print effect. However, it should be noted that it is black and white 

printing, and the effect is similar to that of usual cash register.


Not only local printing, but also interesting network printing. By supporting 

App to send your words or pictures to your friends, you can print them out 

directly! It's kind of like a fax machine.

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