Printer Output Blank Paper

- Jul 14, 2017-

For the needle-type printer, the reason for printing paper blank is mostly due to the dryness of the color belt ink, ribbon pull off, print head damage, etc., should be replaced in a timely fashion ribbon or repair print head; For inkjet printers, the failure to print blank is mostly due to nozzle blockage, ink cartridge no ink, should clean the nozzle or replace the ink cartridges; for laser printers, the cause of this type of failure may be that the developer roller does not suck the toner (the current bias of the developer roll is not added), or the photoconductor drum is not grounded, so that the negative charge can not be released , the laser beam cannot function on the photoconductor drum.

In addition, the laser printer's photoconductor drum does not rotate, there will be no image generation and upload to the paper. Disconnect the power from the printer, remove the toner cartridge, open the slot on the lid, and then reload the machine after making a mark on the light-sensitive part of the photoconductor drum. Boot run for a while, and then remove the check mark is moved, you can determine whether the photoconductor drum is working properly. If the toner is not properly supplied or the laser beam is blocked, there is also the phenomenon of printing blank paper. Therefore, should check whether the toner is used up, the cartridge is properly loaded inside the machine, whether the sealing tape has been removed or laser irradiation channel on whether there is a shelter. It is important to note that the power is turned off when checking, because the laser beam may damage the operator's eyes.

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