Print Character Incomplete Or Character Not Clear

- Jul 14, 2017 -

For inkjet printers, there may be two reasons, ink cartridges, the printer for a long time without or direct sunlight caused by nozzle blockage. The solution is to change the new cartridge or ink, if the cartridge is not used up, it can be concluded that the nozzle is blocked: Remove the ink cartridge (for the ink cartridge nozzle is not one of the printer, need to remove the nozzle), put the nozzle in the warm water immersion for a while, note that the circuit board must not be part of the immersion, otherwise the consequences

For the stylus printer, there may be several reasons: the printing ribbon is too long to use, the print head is not cleaned for a long time, there are too many dirty things, the print head has a broken pin, and the print head drive circuit is faulty. The solution is to adjust the print head and the distance between the print roller, the fault can not be excluded, the new color belt, if not, you need to clean the print head. To remove the two captive screws from the print head take off the print head, with a needle or small hook to clear the print before, after the inclusion of the dirty, generally is a long time to accumulate the ribbon fiber, and then in the back of the print head to see where the needle drops a few drops of instrumentation oil, to clear some dirty, do not fill the color with empty dozen pieces of paper, and then install color belt, so that the problem can be solved basically, if the print head broken pin or driving circuit problems, you can only replace the print needle or drive tube.

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