New Arrival 300mm/s Thermal Receipt Printer With Lan USB Serial Interfaces

- May 12, 2019-

thermal receipt printer with auto cutter

wireless thermal pos receipt printer with auto cutter.jpg

Sound and Light Alarm Thermal Receipt Printer with auto cutter

ER-80IV is most advanced desktop thermal receipt printer with auto cutter, and with RJ11 port to drive cash drawer. It has multiple interfaces Ethernet + USB + Serial .

It is widely used for shopping, mart, hospital, coffee shop, restaurant, ticketing, express,medical care, storage,post,tax...

Why we say it is most advanced model ? 

* We purposely designed it with water-proof, oil-proof, and dust-proof function. 

* LED light and sound prompt for coming order, best choice for Kitchen order (Noisy environment)

* Wall mountable

* Printing speed up to 300mm/s

Paper tear-off sensor avoiding from missing order

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