How To Edit Label Contents And Print Out Via Android Label APP eLabel

- Dec 11, 2020-

Thermal Bluetooth Label Printer


EastRoyce has own-developed label editing App under Android (called eLabel), user could easily edit a label (containing text/barcode/QRcode/image/lines/box) and print to our mini bluetooth label printer in seconds. And user could set the print copies quantity , serialize the numbers (included in text, barcode,dates),and realize batch printing. User could also import datas from excel (.xls) format sheet easily, which would save much time to manually edit the labels expecially when they want to print hundreds / thousands of labels.  It is much convenient for many applications ( such as cable tag,jewelry tag,price tag,material label,tips label,logistics label,clothing tag...)

How to edit label and print out via “eLabel” APP under Android devices ?

1. Install label App named “eLabel” .

2. Go to Bluetooth section of device(phone/pad) settings, scan the printer, click it (such as ER-80) to pair.


3. Input pin code “1234” and click “OK” to get pairing done.

Once the printer is paired successfully, it (such as ER-80) would be listed in PAIRED DEVICES


4. Open APP “eLabel”, and click icon “+” .


5. Input Label width and Label height to “Create label” or click “Import template” to select an existed template. 

Then start editing the label contents.


6. Click the top left menu to choose and insert items (text/barcode/QRcode/image/line/date/...) into the label.


7. There are three methods to start editing items, user could choose one to continue.

Method 1: Click on the item and click “Modify content” to edit the contents/data of the item.

Method 2: Double click on the item to edit the contents/data of the item.

Method 3: Click the icon “>” to select item, and then click “Modify content” to edit the contents/data of the item.


8. Once an item is selected, user could change its other properties  (rotation / location / width / height / size /...)

9. When label contents are done, click printer icon to continue.


10. Choose the printer (such as “ER-80”). 


11. Once the printer is connected successfully, the print button “Print label” will be highlighted with blue color(it is Grey color if printer is failed to connect, need to try connecting the printer again by click icon“>”), set the “Print copies” and “Print density” (if needed), and click “Print label” to print out the label.


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