How To Buy A Suitable Printer

- Sep 17, 2017-

Bar code printer, simply is to print one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code, graphics, a printer. With the ordinary office, home laser printer is the biggest difference is that its printing principle, print media material and size is not the same. Users on the crowd, it is not ordinary users in their daily lives need to use. Barcode printers are used in manufacturing lines, warehousing and logistics, retailers, and service industries.

It can be said that bar code printers are industrial products, the general public consumers do not need to use, so not everyone knows what is the bar code printer, how to use, what brand on the market, what brand bar code printer is better. When you need to buy bar code printers, we will certainly search the Internet for a large number of bar code printer products and brand information, combined with the use of the purchase. At present there are too many brands to choose the market, each brand also has its own product design concept, style, pricing strategy, brand promotion, etc. When you buy these later, combined with your own situation, your print volume, purchase budget, need Of the printer function to choose is the most sensible.


Here it is recommended that you choose the bar code printer from the following aspects.

1. print volume

In general, the bar code printer is divided into commercial and industrial two: commercial bar code printer for printing a small user environment, smaller, lighter weight, easy to move, print slower. affordable The Industrial bar code printer is focused on large quantities, long time, fast printing, user environment and other industrial environments to use, so the design of the use of metal structure, larger, heavier, higher prices. In general, users can buy commercial bar code printers, commercial bar code printer paper capacity and ribbon capacity smaller, the entire product shape is small, very suitable for use in office space and other environments, Save user space, can move at any time, and print quality and print quality is fully able to meet such user needs.

2. Print accuracy

Bar code printer precision is divided into: 203dpi, 300dpi, 600dpi these three. DPI is the abbreviation of Dots Per Inch, which is the resolution unit of the printer, that is, the number of outlets that can be printed per inch. This is a measure of bar code printer printing accuracy of one of the main parameters, in general, the greater the value that the higher the print accuracy of the printer, the better clarity.


The current common 203dpi, 300dpi precision printing, but in some print very fine bar code, or very small font and graphics, can also see 600dpi. Of course, different sectors of the user needs are not the same, some components, high-end electronic products also need to paste high-definition bar code labels, usually these customers will choose 600dpi bar code printer.

On the purchase in addition to print accuracy to be considered, the print label width also need to pay attention. The general bar code printer prints widths of 2 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches. If you need to print a wider label, you need to select a wide bar code printer, usually wide bar code printer print width of 8 inches, 10 inches two.

3. Choose a bar code printer with a long warranty and after-sales service

Because it is industrial products, in the purchase and use of bar code printers, users need to learn to understand. Use, in the event of a problem, the need for timely professional after-sales service, if the printer hardware problems, but also need to return to factory maintenance. Users consider the purchase, but also to understand the bar code printer warranty period, after-sales service is convenient and so on. Brand product warranty and after-sales service formal professional, trustworthy.

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