EastRoyce National Holiday Arrangement

- Sep 28, 2018 -

Dear all Customers,

National Holiday arrangement as below:

7 days holiday from Oct. 1st- Oct. 7th, we will back to work on 8th October.

* During the holiday, all mini thermal printer shipment cannot be scheduled in this period. Here we apologize for the inconvenience in advance! Our sales would check mails and massages as usual, and try our best to reply you on time. 

The origin of the National Day:

The National Day is the symbol of china, It is on October 1, 1949, the anniversary of the new China was founded. Reflect the country's constitution and form of government.

Since 1950, every October 1, will become the people of all ethnic groups grand holiday. Since 1999, the National Day is the mainland of China's "golden week" holidays. National Day have a different form of celebration activities, strengthen people's patriotic consciousness, and it is also the children and adults' happy holidays.

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