Delay The Life Of UV Printer Should Pay Attention To Which Maintenance

- Jul 14, 2017-

First, put the UV printer on the horizontal ground

As a result of the UV printer's own unique way of working, so the location of the UV printer must be flat ground, tilt, uneven ground will affect the printing effect, slow down the working speed of the nozzle, thus affecting the overall printing speed. If handled improperly, the serious person can also damage the internal structure of the machine.

Jinan win color proposal: As far as possible UV printer placed in the flat, smooth ground, and keep the surrounding sanitation clean, to avoid dust or foreign bodies to raise into the machine inside.

Second, do a good job of cleaning the UV printer

UV printer external and internal alike, must be cleaned regularly, do not wait until the full thickness of a layer of dust, a problem to remedy. UV printer Outside can be used to scrub soft cloth, clean liquid must be a neutral substance such as water, absolutely not to use the detergent containing alcohol ingredients.

Internal mainly refers to the nozzle, Monlchamus road system, these parts of the cleaning need to use a special cleaning agent and cleaning methods, for the surface of the dust, as far as possible use of dry cloth. In the cleaning spray first-class important parts, must comply with the guidance of the manufacturers to operate, or please manufacturers of after-sales personnel to clean.

Third, UV printer should avoid pressure

UV printers, like other household appliances and equipment, should avoid heavy stress. Some customers will be placed on the platform of UV printer other objects, so it is very likely to press the UV printer shell, platform, and so on, and some small things will fall into the printer. Beverages, cups belong to ban products, liquid class is strictly prohibited, in order to prevent liquid into the machine caused irreparable loss.

Please turn off the machine before you unplug the power.

If you do not use a UV printer or need to move before, to do a complete power failure. First turn off the UV printer power, let the nozzle reset and the ink cartridge lid, and then unplug the power cord and signal cable. This can effectively prevent the ink volatile, in the move can not easily damage the nozzle.

Before unplugging the power, remember to shut down the machine, which can effectively reduce the possibility of machine damage.

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