EastRoyce Release New Mini Bluetooth Printer With Big Paper Warehouse ER-5801

- Mar 08, 2018-

Since mobile printer (pocket pos printer) went into the market all over the world from years ago, it is now very popular and already  developed into a world trend in pos/mpos area.

Luckily, EastRoyce has been experiencing the whole things with the whole world together over the development of mobile application.

About 10 years ago, store/restaurant/cafe/hotel... were using traditional printer to print receipt, the printer was working with  POS application under Windows PC. The printer is big , heavy, with wire, with power cable connected all the time, and fixed to location.

After mobile app becomes popular, peope hope to print receipt from Android phone, pad, iOS iphone, ipad, then comes mobile printer, people can put it in the pocket, and print receipt from mobile device anytime, anywhere. It makes business possible anytime,anywhere. the initiate mobile printer is designed with small paper warehouse   which can only load paper roll  with diameter ø25mm, or  ø30mm,or  ø40mm. The total paper length is 3meters~15meters. Recently, some users started to have new requirement, they found that paper roll is too much small, and need to change paper roll frequently, it is wasting time and also need to prepare more paper rolls on hand.

EastRoyce is a high-tech company, which specializes in details and service all the time. We always design best product to meet user's expected requirement,   in 2017, we released this new model ER-5801 which can support paper roll with diameter up to 48mm.The total paper length could be more than 20 meters.  It is much more competitive and useful than most of normally designed mobile printers(paper roll with diameter only within 25mm~40mm). With it's big paper capacity, user does not need to load paper roll much frequently. Customer will like this small printer very much with its useful and efficient improvement.



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