What is the difference between servo motor and stepper motor?

- Jul 14, 2017-

In choosing a UV printer, many customers do not know the choice of stepper motor or servo motor, now I would like to introduce the stepper motor and servo motor difference:

1. The control accuracy is different. Stepper motor of the number of phases and the more, its accuracy is higher, the servo motor to take the block in the encoder, encoder, the more the scale, the higher the accuracy.

2. The control mode is different, one is Open-loop control, the other is closed loop control.

3, low frequency characteristics are different; stepper motor at low speed prone to low-frequency vibration phenomenon, when it works at low speed generally using damping technology or subdivision technology to overcome low-frequency vibration phenomenon, servo motor is very smooth operation, even at low speed will not appear vibration phenomenon. The AC servo system has resonance suppression function, which can cover the rigidity of the machine, and the system has the frequency analytic function (FFT), which can detect the mechanical resonance point to facilitate the system adjustment.

4. The torque-frequency characteristic is different, the output torque of stepper motor will decrease with the speed increasing, and the AC servo motor is output of constant torque.

5, overload capacity is different; Stepper motor generally does not have overload capacity, and AC motor has a strong overload capacity.

6, the operation performance is different, the stepper motor control is the Open-loop control, the starting frequency is too high or the load too big easy to lose the step or the blockage turn phenomenon, stop when the speed is too high prone to overshoot phenomenon, AC servo drive system for closed-loop control, the drive can be directly to the motor encoder feedback signal sampling, the internal composition of the position ring and speed loop, generally does not appear stepper motor lost step or overshoot phenomenon, control performance is more reliable.

7, the speed response performance is different; stepper motor from static acceleration to working speed need hundreds of milliseconds, and AC servo system is better, generally only a few milliseconds, can be used to require rapid start and stop control.

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