What are the advantages of Seiko nozzle?

- Jul 14, 2017 -

Customers in the understanding of the machine will hear the manufacturer said, UV printer is equipped with the nozzle is Seiko nozzle, or Epson nozzle, but in the purchase of the more recommended to buy Seiko nozzle machine, then this is why?

First we come to understand what is Seiko nozzle, Seiko nozzle imported from Japan, the bright spot is that it has a longer mission life. Seiko Nozzle It is a full steel production of industrial-grade printing head, the use of advanced internal ink way, so that the nozzle in high-speed printing ink smooth. Seiko Sprinkler type complete, 1024gs/508gs nozzle, precision, speed, durability and stability are the world's first-class prospecting! Long life features, color gamut to 8 color, color reduction is impeccable, the nozzle calibration is simpler, resulting in optimized printing performance and speed.

Seiko nozzle After years of market testing, in the advertising industry, metal, background wall in the field of the leading, with super strong irreplaceable.

In the Advertising printing field for example, the domestic and foreign mainstream advertising printers are using SPT nozzle. From the perspective of application, not only to solve the customer care about the screen color, coverage, layering, fineness, but also to solve the ink deposition and ink compatibility problems. At the same time by winning the promotion of color for many years, now Seiko series nozzle in the field of inkjet printing market share has been far ahead. Seiko nozzle in this field of influence has been unique.

One of the biggest reasons for the nozzle's service life is the ink jam. In view of this, the specially developed anti blocking function, greatly prolonged the nozzle service life. Seiko Nozzle unique steel structure, to ensure its wide applicability, durability. At the same time, manufacturers will also be one years of warranty.

In general, Seiko nozzle in the whole field has become the mainstream sprinkler head, in the entire digital printing field occupies an important seat, we believe that Seiko nozzle at present in the field of digital printing, and then by virtue of its subsequent strong research and development strength, I believe that Seiko nozzle will be more brilliant tomorrow.

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