UV Flat printer can print UV varnish?

- Jul 14, 2017-

UV Flat printer can print UV varnish, but this is not recommended to use UV printer to play the oil.

The nozzle does not gush the varnish reason one:

The speed is too slow, after actual test, the light oil that hits out is uneven, the speed is less than 2 square meters one hours, and special cost varnish. Instead of using a spray gun alone, the speed increases by more than five times times, and the average and delicate spray.

The nozzle does not gush the varnish reason two:

Nozzle premature scrap, the light oil itself than the ink molecule particles, with the nozzle to play the oil, the conservative estimate, will shorten the nozzle one-third life, if improper operation, not one weeks, the nozzle will be scrapped.

The nozzle does not gush the varnish reason three:

The cost is too high, if the UV flat printer itself to add the function of oil, need to add a new ink system, from the Board card, software settings, voltage, ink tube and so on to replace the link, this to the user itself, virtually improve the cost of about 20%.

Select UV Flat-panel printer printing blanket pad of the first problem, should be from the stability of the printer, nozzle selection, maintenance costs at the later stage (change the price of the nozzle), after-sales service and other factors to consider.

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