Universal Printer UV Ink toxic?

- Jul 14, 2017 -

Now there is a saying in the market that universal printer, universal color printing machine ink poisonous, great harm to the human body, resulting in many want to use universal printer ink Many friends have given up the idea, today I will clarify here.

Production of UV inks, especially UV offset printing inks, the selection is relatively environmentally friendly raw materials, its toxicity is relatively low. But UV ink will have a certain degree of irritation and corrosive to the skin. UV inks generally do not add any volatile solvents, so compared to other types of products, the environment is more environmentally friendly characteristics. At present, the development of food packaging with low mobility products, and further increase food safety.

Universal printer, universal color printing machine ink is also called universal ink, is a kind of materials are common solvent ink, about universal printer ink There are a lot of chemical composition, generally universal printer ink is a kind of ink-jet printer between the nozzle and substrate of the electric field, and in the substrate surface of a predetermined area of spray formation to represent the pictorial information imprinted "liquid ink." Inkjet ink can be Shing for ink-jet system of blood, inkjet ink performance directly affect the output quality of inkjet images, and some even related to the smooth operation of inkjet.

Universal printer ink generally has the characteristics of a stable physical and chemical properties, the nozzle and other metal objects non-corrosive, in addition, also not for bacteria swallowed, not easy to burn and fade; Ink can spray performance, good drying performance, in the spray process does not clog the nozzle, also not on the nozzle wall drying, but the ink can be sprayed on various types of substrate surface drying and firmly attached; Ink color density, viscosity, surface tension and other printing performance in line with the needs of digital printing, Because ink affects the color of ink-jet printing image, viscosity and surface tension directly affect the normal operation of inkjet.

UV (UV curable) ink refers to ultraviolet light, the use of different wavelengths and energy of the UV to make the ink in the monomer polymerization polymer, so that the ink into film and drying inks. UV ink also belongs to the ink, as the ink, they must have a gorgeous color (except for special cases), good printability, suitable for curing drying rate. At the same time have good adhesion, and have wear-resistant, corrosion resistance, weathering and other characteristics.

UV ink is a solvent-free, fast drying, good gloss, bright colors, water resistance, solvent resistance, wear-resistant ink. At present, UV ink has become a more mature ink technology, its pollutant emissions almost zero. According to statistics, UV ink annual output of Japan about 16,000 tons, Europe about 18,000 tons, North America about 19,000 tons. It is necessary to pay attention to UV ink UV ink is currently the field of UV ink new direction. Because ordinary UV inks in the prepolymer viscosity is generally large, the need to add active diluent dilution, and the current use of thinner acrylic ester compounds with varying degrees of skin irritation and toxicity, therefore, in the development of low viscosity prepolymer and low toxicity diluent, the other development direction is to study water-based UV inks, that is, water and ethanol as diluent, the current water-based UV inks have been successfully developed, and in some printing enterprises have been applied.

Therefore, UV ink is not toxic, but not absolutely harmless, work also need to pay attention to hygiene conditions. There are a lot of printer ink in the market, how to tell the universal printer ink also need to know.

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