Universal printer print products appear color stripe

- Jul 14, 2017-

In the operation of the use of universal printer, may be because of the lack of familiarity with the printer and other reasons, and cause problems in the printer, near a period of time, there is a customer consultation such a question, he said, universal printer in operation, will appear color stripes, do not know what to do?

If you have a variety of stripes in the print results of your universal printer, be careful to check the printer driver. Then verify that the correct printer driver is used for a particular inkjet printer. Note that the correct print settings are selected for the desired print type and resolution in the driver settings. Also try to reduce the amount of ink used by using draft or quick Print mode.

The other is to check the universal printer, the universal printer connected to the computer graphics driver. Because some video drivers may cause memory conflicts between the graphics card and the printer driver. And this usually results in an abnormal printing problem. For example the obvious stripes and missing characters. Try using the default Windows video driver provided by Microsoft, or check to see if the video card manufacturer has an updated graphics driver. Pay attention to clean/smooth cartridge. Press the "unobstructed" button (sometimes referred to as the "cleaning" button), and then perform or two cleaning processes to clear the blocking in the cartridge. You can replace the ink cartridge if necessary. This is a problem that cannot be resolved during the cleaning process and can be tried with another cartridge.

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