The treatment method of some faults of UV flat printer

- Jul 14, 2017-

Problem A, when the graph is broken ink.

Solution: The grating stolen, need to dip the cotton swab to scrub the grating up and down, should rub a few times after washing with dry cotton swabs dry.

Question two, the ink cartridge is not recognized.

Workaround: The decryption card is loose, it needs to be reseated, or the decryption card is broken.

Problem three, map dislocation.

Solution: ⒈ Belt Rub belt pulley card, need to adjust pulley.

⒉ servo motor is broken, need to replace servo motor.

⒊ copper ring is dirty, need to clean or replace copper ring.

Problem four, the nozzle is not out of ink.

Solution: ⒈ Trolley Board heating, need to close the machine to rest.

⒉ Electric shock belt is broken, need to replace electric shock belt.

⒊ nozzle blocked, need to wash nozzle.

⒋ Ink Pipe interface blocked, need to unplug several times can be inserted.

⒌ nozzle interference, swap nozzle position, and with tissue pad between the nozzle and the electric shock band to check is the nozzle interference, replace the nozzle.

⒍ such as the emergence of four of the nozzle at the same time not out of ink, in the elimination of interference after the nozzle is not out of ink for the trolley board is broken.

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