The role of universal flat Panel printer two-level cartridge

- Jul 14, 2017-

Universal flat-panel printer is a major bright spot is the two-level cartridge, is often called the controllable flow cycle ink system, that is, we often say that the vice cartridge. Second-class cartridge can effectively improve efficiency, applicable to a variety of UV flat-panel printers.

Although the second-class cartridge can improve efficiency, but as a cost to improve the efficiency of the filter should be cleaned regularly and must not be used expired, otherwise it will be easy to disconnect.

When a universal flatbed printer is working, two-level cartridge has been a UV printer as a storage box, and UV ink is volatile suspension liquid, over time will be in the two-level cartridge in the formation of precipitation, if the long period does not clean, will precipitate into the UV printer nozzle will form a plug and break the head.

Universal flat-Panel printer filter belongs to consumables, the service life is generally about 3 months. If the use of time too long, will lose the filter effect, not to filter UV printer ink.

Each time the ink is replaced, the ink cartridge needs to be cleaned and checked. Dry and exhaust air after cleaning. Replace the ink, should pay attention to the ink in the ink tube and to clean and exhaust. After the ink is replaced, you can use flash spray or belt printing to spray off not less than one-third of the amount of ink, and then refill the cartridge, please shut down the device for 1 days.

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