Seiko Nozzle and Ricoh Nozzle to compare which one is good

- Jul 14, 2017-

Seiko and Ricoh Nozzle Performance Comparison:

1, printing accuracy: Seiko GS1024 Nozzle > RICOH G5 nozzle.

2, Nozzle life: Seiko Nozzle > RICOH Nozzle.

3, Nozzle Price: Ricoh 5-generation Nozzle > Seiko gs1024 nozzle.

4, nozzle Stability: Seiko Nozzle > RICOH Nozzle.

5, the matching coating varnish Technology program: Seiko Nozzle > RICOH Nozzle.

6, corresponding manufacturers technical level: Seiko Nozzle > RICOH Nozzle.

Generally speaking, Ricoh for the general industrial UV printer equipment used, Seiko for high-end industrial equipment used.

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