Is the rack of the UV printer important?

- Jul 14, 2017-

Many people in the study of UV printers, often overlooked a problem, the importance of the rack, as a UV printer rack is very important. All parts of the equipment are installed on the rack. The frame is unstable, the quality of the whole equipment can not be guaranteed.

The sprinkler is just one of the accessories. Good nozzle with unstable machine, quality will also be unstable. Not much time, with the deformation of the rack, the effect will be worse.

In fact, not only the rack, the entire equipment of all parts are actually for the sprinkler service. The nozzle is just the final output link. Whether it is the rack, transmission, the accuracy of the location, the ink system, the gas circuit system, electronic control system, and so on, are for the nozzle print patterns exist. Only the front equipment is ready, select the nozzle to print a high-quality picture. The nozzle is the last link, the rack is very important, choose different nozzle, corresponding to different effects.

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