How to solve the wrinkle problem of the white paint on the glass after UV plate printing?

- Jul 14, 2017-

Ceramic tiles and other UV flat print printing process, often encountered this situation. Is the pattern to do up, do the best UV white ink or white paint cover work, when the lid is finished, often encountered before the pattern with UV white ink or white paint reaction, appear wrinkling situation.

How to solve this UV flat print frequently encountered problems?

I do UV coating years of experience, encountered this situation has hundreds of cases, their production process, or the ink is very unstable, while the machine equipment jerry-building, serious impact on the printing results.

To investigate the cause, is due to UV plate printing ink did not finish UV curing, again cover white bottom, play chemical reaction or because the ink did not dry, cover the white dry, due to contraction of the reason, the bottom of the ink to pull, because the bottom of the ink is not dry, the formation of wrinkles, skin.

UV Flat printing occurs in this case, many people think that UV white ink or white paint. In fact, the real situation is, as long as the UV-painted pattern of UV lamp back to solid, let it completely cured, and then on UV white ink or white paint on the line. Then UV white ink or white paint. The company's new research and development of white paint instead of UV white ink, can greatly reduce costs, while greatly increasing the coverage, the real realization of complete coverage, for the quality of products has increased a higher grade.

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