How to distinguish printers

- Mar 01, 2021-

How to distinguish thermal printers, barcode printers and ordinary printers?

1. Thermal printers are generally used in places like supermarket receipt printers, POS cash register printing, bank ATM machine receipts, hospitals and government agencies printing queuing receipts, express/takeout order receipts, etc., just install thermal paper It can be printed directly, without ink and ribbon, and the cost is low.

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2. Barcode printers also get the printing effect by heating the print head thermal transfer ribbon, and sometimes it can replace the thermal printer.

3. The consumable used by the barcode printer is label ribbon, and the paper can be plain paper or self-adhesive paper. The thermal receipt machine only uses thermal cash register paper without other consumables. Small ticket machines like Epson's small ticket machines need ribbons and cash register paper, and can also print single-layer paper or double-layer paper. But the barcode machine cannot be double-layered. In addition, the main purpose of the barcode machine is to print barcodes. For example, it can be printed with the serial number 00001. Most small ticket machines do not have this function.

Thermal receipt printer:

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1. High speed, long life, high quality, low repair rate, suitable for various software;

2. Novel appearance design, simple operation;

3. Support downloading and printing of Logo;

4. The standard GB2312 Chinese character library supports simplified/traditional and multiple international languages;

5. Bluetooth connection makes printing more convenient.

The bar code printer is a dedicated printer.

The printing of the initial printer is based on heat, using ribbon as the printing medium (or directly using thermal paper) to complete the printing. The biggest advantage of this printing method over ordinary printing methods is that it can achieve continuous unattended printing. High-speed printing. The content it prints is generally the company's brand logo, serial number logo, packaging logo, bar code logo, recipient label, clothing tag, etc.

In addition to the printing functions of ordinary printers, it also has the following advantages:

1. Industrial-grade quality, not limited by print volume, can print 24 hours a day;

2. It is not limited by printing materials, and can print PET, art paper, thermal paper self-adhesive labels, polyester, PVC and other synthetic materials and water-washed label cloth, etc.;

3. The text and graphics printed by the thermal transfer method have a scratch-resistant effect, and the use of special ribbon printing can also make the printed product have the characteristics of waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion, and high temperature resistance;

4. The printing speed is extremely fast, and the acceleration can reach 10 inches (24 cm) per second;

5. Can print consecutive serial numbers, connect to the database and print in batches;

6. The label paper is generally several hundred meters long, which can reach thousands to tens of thousands of small labels; the label printer adopts a continuous printing method, which is easier to store and organize;

7. Not restricted by the working environment;

8. The longest single label can reach more than 120 cm.

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