How does the printer perform daily care

- Feb 22, 2021-

How does the printer perform daily care?

If you want the printer to last longer, we have to maintain it carefully so that it can be longer and more efficient during jogging. Many people worry about its service life after buying a thermal printer. In fact, everyone can Another thinking to consider: a good quality printer + careful maintenance = excellent performance. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the printer is very important. The editor below will share with you a few details that need attention in daily maintenance:

Cleaning the print head:

The printer print head is clean. After turning off the power, scrub with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol. Please keep scrubbing in the same direction to prevent dirt from remaining. Turn the print head up, remove the thermal paper and label paper, and gently wipe the print head with a cotton swab (or cotton cloth) until it is clean and wipe the print head with a clean cotton swab. Keeping the print head clean can get better printing results, and the most important thing is to increase the life of the print head.

Portable label printer

Sensor cleaning:

Keep the sensor clean to avoid paper measurement errors. For the sensor part, please refer to the instruction manual. The method is to clean the sensor head with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol, and then gently wipe it with a clean cotton swab.

Cleaning of the transmission system and cleaning in the case:

Since the general label paper is a self-adhesive, its glue is easy to stick to the drive shaft and channel, and dust will harm the printing effect, so it needs to be cleaned frequently. The method is to use a cotton swab (or cotton cloth) soaked in alcohol to clean the dust on each shaft, channel surface and the chassis of the transmission, and then gently wipe with a clean cotton swab (or cotton cloth) after cleaning.

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Glue stick cleaning and maintenance:

The printer glue sticks are cleaned with cotton swabs and alcohol to keep the glue sticks clean. The surface of the glue sticks should be kept clean in order to obtain good printing results and increase the life of the print head. The label paper will remain much smaller on the glue sticks during the printing process Powdery, if not cleaned immediately, it will damage the print head;

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