Bluetooth/WiFi printer works with Loyverse pos

- Oct 13, 2020-

Mobile Bluetooth/WiFi printer works with Loyverse pos for bars/restaurants

ER-80B2W Mini mobile receipt printer can quickly print anytime, anywhere. You only need to install the Loyverse pos app on your Android/iOS device, and then connect to your printer via Bluetooth/WiFi, you can print customer orders online in real time from a distance and send them to any place such as the bar or kitchen to make your mixology It is possible for the chef/cook/waiter to quickly and accurately obtain order information so that they can provide services such as bartending/meal preparation for customers in time.

ER-80B2W work with loyverse

The Loyverse POS system will do all the work: take orders, track beverage and food inventory, employee management, comprehensive analysis, customer loyalty programs, etc.

loyverse pos receipts
ER-80B2W working with iOS Loyverse:  

The mobile Bluetooth/WiFi printer will do all the work: print the list of drinks, food, orders and pos receipts, or price labels for drinks and food, etc.

ER-80ER-80B2W working with Android Loyverse:  

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