2021 most popular portable Bluetooth printer

- Mar 16, 2021-

2021 most popular portable Bluetooth printer 


The Bluetooth receipt printer is a receipt printer. I believe everyone is familiar with retail stores, cafes, restaurants, laundries and other commercial forms.

Bluetooth Receipt Printer

There are many types of wireless receipt printers. How to choose a convenient and compact portable Bluetooth receipt printer to help your employees operate quickly and provide services to customers faster is particularly important. Nowadays, portable Bluetooth printers are more popular.

Portable Bluetooth Printer-5

Easy-to-carry compact portable Bluetooth printer

What is a portable receipt printer?

ER-58 Portable Receipt Printer

The portable receipt printer is a wireless mobile printing device. It supports fast order printing, does not require cables for direct power supply, the device uses batteries, and supports Bluetooth or Wifi connections. Therefore, the seller can flexibly carry a mobile device in the store and print the bill at any time and anywhere no need a cashier. These models are very suitable for the type of retail stores, small food stores, these stores no need a fixed cashier to prints invoices.

Bluetooth portable receipt printer

ER-58 Bluetooth Printer-

How to operate a portable Bluetooth receipt printer

The portable Bluetooth receipt printer supports wireless printing from mobile phones, tablets and PCs via Bluetooth connections.


• Support printing from available devices: phone, tablet, PC...

• No complicated steps to install the driver, set up the program

• No cable connection, you can carry it with you to print anytime, anywhere


• The coverage of the Bluetooth connection is very poor, only about 10m, if you move the device (mobile phone, PC...) from the printer more than 10m, you will not be able to print

• Compared with LAN or USB printers, the printing speed is only 1/3

How to use a portable Bluetooth printer

It's very simple, all you need is:

• Plug in the existing charger cable

• Turn on the Bluetooth connection on the machine or other printing devices (such as phones, tablets, PCs, etc.)

• Scan and print the device-enter the device's pairing password (if any) (the password is usually 12345 or 0000)

•So you can print the order normally 

4 benefits of using a Bluetooth mobile printer

ER-80B2W work with loyverse

1/Action ability: 

You can print orders anywhere, suitable for small shops without cashiers

2/Avoid loss:

Force salesmen to issue invoices. The income will be updated to the system. Restrict employees from hiding "pocket money" privately

3/Save sales time: 

Sales-print bills quickly no matter where you are

4/Easy to use: 

It only takes 5 seconds to print and connect, and 5 minutes to train new employees!

EastRoyce have launched 5 Bluetooth/WiFi portable receipt printers that are very popular in the market. I hope this article can help you choose the best receipt printer and suit your business scale.

Are you interested in receipt printers?

Please contact me (Email:eric@eastroyce.com) for consultation! 

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