FAQ of Barcode scanner

Q:What is the best resolution, scan speed, and depth of field for our barcode scanner? 

A:Our scanner resolution can reach 3mil,scan speed up to 200 scans/s, and depth of field range is 6-30cm.


Q :What kind of scanning types are available among your products ?

A :We have single line scanner and omni-directional ( multiple lines) scanner.


Q:What is the lifetime of scanner ?

A:Our scanner scanning times can reach 3 millions.

Q:What is the difference between laser scanner and CCD (read light) scanner ?

A: laser scanner has the advantages of high sensity,fast scanning speed.But it can only successfully scan barcodes on media(paper/sticker/plastic surface).

CCD scanner could support screen code,Fuzzy barcode,barcode on paper/sticker/plastic surface. But the scanning speed is lower than laser scanner. 

Please choose the right type for your purpose according to this prompt.

Q: what is the advantage of your bluetooth barcode scanner ?

A: We have this competitive model ER-B10X which supports both wired USB and bluetooth interfaces together.  It could be compatible with iOS , Android, and Windows. With its big memory, it could store thousands of barcode datas.

Q: Why would some barcodes can not be scanned successfully ?

A: Our factory disable some barocodes which are not commonly used, please enable them by setting. Please contact our tech for support.

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