ER-B88BT Bluetooth Laser Barcode Scanner

ER-B88BT Bluetooth Laser Barcode Scanner

ER-B88BT Bluetooth Laser Barcode Scanner General ER-B88BT is one of our laser barcode scanners, which is designed with elegant appearance, comfortable user operation, high speed decoding using 32bit Architecture processor. It has passed the certifications of CE, ROHS.With auto-sense mode and...

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ER-B88BT Bluetooth Laser Barcode Scanner



ER-B88BT is one of our laser barcode scanners, which is designed with elegant appearance,  comfortable user operation, high speed decoding using 32bit Architecture processor. It has passed the certifications of CE, ROHS.With auto-sense mode and multiple interfaces options, it is much more ideal for supermarket, retail stores, logistics and pharmacies.


◆ Classic bluetooth and BLE working modes are both supported

◆ Work well with iOS and Android system, and terminal PC

◆ SDK available for second development(Using SPP communication)

◆ Optional terminal receiver

◆ HID transmission supported , work on both iOS and Android system.

◆ Available in black and white colors, fireproof, waterproof and shock proof.

◆ With ultra wide voltage range and high performance of anti electro magnetic compatibility, supporting to work in various bad working conditions.

◆ Support 6 scanning modes, suitable for various customers.

◆ Standard ten cores interface of RJ45.

◆ Bright red laser light, suited for different kinds of uneven lighting occasions.

◆ Optional automatic scan mode which provides strong ability to meet customers’ requirement.

◆ Optional USB-HID, RS232, UART and PS/2 interfaces.

◆ Beep and LED indicator shows green once reading successfully.  

◆ High speed decoding and low bit error rate, which provides the ability to scan many kinds of codes, including some infrequent codes.

◆ Low print contrast ratio with strong decoding ability and long scan depth of field.

◆ Extended developing programming will be possible.

◆ Supporting multiple keyboard languages, changing existing programming for any kind of keyboard language will be possible.

Technical Specifications


DC 3.6-4.2V(1100mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery)



Under voltage 3.8V alarm, low voltage 3.6v

Working well: indicator LED is blue; low voltage : indicator LED is red.

Bluetooth Data protocol

SPP or HID;2.4G center frequency with automatic frequency adjustment

Wireless transmission space

10 meters


20KB or 2000 barcodes ( could be customized)


170mmL x 96mmW x 70mmH



Light Source       

650nm±10%power < 20mW

Depth of Field        


Revolve Angle   

±36° Left-right, ±23° Up-down

Print Contrast        




Scan Rate            

200 scans per second

Bit Error Rate         

1/8 million

ESD Protect


Dustproof and waterproof


Operating Temperature   

-10℃  ~  50℃

Storage Temperature     

-20℃  ~  60℃


5% ~ 95% RH (non-condensing)

Decode type             

EAN/JAN-8,13 ; UPC-AUPC-ECODE-128CODE-93RSS-Standard, Limited, ExpandedCODE-39Inter-Leaved 2/5Standard 2/5Matrix 2/5Industrial 2/5China-PostMSIMSI-PLESSEYCODE-BARCODE-11


Please make sure the operating voltage is enough and not over the technical specification.
Please do not scan the laser with eyes.
Please protect the scanner once touching the corrosive, chemical, dangerous, toxic or high voltage material.
Please read the configuration guide before using.

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