2.4G Wireless Barcode Reader For Warehouse

2.4G Wireless Barcode Reader For Warehouse

· Fashion appearance design, Exclusive decoding algorithm.
· Automatic power saving, Top speed scan, just press and scan.
· Advanced image processing technology, the hardware is simple and reliable.
· High-speed decoding, scannable LCD screen.
· 1800mAh large capacity lithium battery, Ultra-long standby time, just need to charge two times one year.
· High performance brand mechanical buttons with key life up to 10 million times.

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ER-B006H Ultra-long standby 2.4G Wireless 1D CCD Barcode Reader for warehouse


ER-B006H is designed with independent R&D decoding technology, low power consumption, and excellent performance. It is easy to interpret a variety of code system, scannable LCD screen, the recognition rate is very high, the decoding speed is excellent. It can be used in different industries like warehouse, logistics, retails, healthcare, tobacco, manufacturing, etc.



· Fashion appearance design.

· Chief industrial designer

· Study on the combination of economics, aesthetics and reliability

· With more than 1000 times appearance design modification and polishing


Top speed

· Top speed scan , just press and scan

· Decades of technology research and development precipitation.

· Exclusive decoding algorithm

· Advanced image processing technology, the hardware is simple and reliable.



  • Ultra-long standby time, just need to charge two times one year

  • 1800mAh large capacity lithium battery

  • Automatic power saving, press and scan

  • High performance brand mechanical buttons with key life up to 10 million times

  • Excellent performance of shock resistance

  • Endure high and low temperature


Commercial & Retail
Widely used in the real-time inquiry for goods upgrade, products removal and the product information.It is also widely applied in many subdivided fields such as cashier barcodes scanning and inventory management so as to ensure the instant transmission of the information. 


This data-collecting device enable customers to know the real-time data of every chain of the goods, including: the arrivals of the goods, warehouse entry, delivery of the goods from storage, allocation and transfer, relocation, inventory, logistics, shipment, etc.


Apparels Industry
The apparels store is able to realize its management(including invoicing system, member management and the real-time query of the products, etc.) by utilizing the barcode reading RFID technology, the wireless communication technology,and bluetooth transmission technology,



Light source

CCD 650+/-20nm


10m visual range


256Kb can store thousands of bar codes

Decode Capability

Codabar, Code 11, Code 93, MSI, Code 128, UCC/EAN-128, Code 39, EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, ISBN, Industrial 25, Interleaved 25, Standard 25, 2/5 Matrix etc.





Length 185mm*Width 70mm*Height 58mm


130g(With battery)



Power supply

Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery

Battery capacity



Mini USB


2.4G wireless and wired USB



Depth of field


Scan speed


Decode mode

single line scanning

Scan type

Manual scan

Print Contrast Minimum


Scan angles

Roll 30° Pitch 75° Yaw65°

Cylinder Horizontal Scan

Diameter 35mm


Beeper, LED

Radio Range

10m Visual range




standby Current


Operating current


Laser security

National secondary laser safety standards approved


Operating Temp.

0 to 50. °C / 32 to 122°F

Storage Temp.

0 to 50. °C / 32 to 122°F

Operating Humidity

20-85% (non-condensing )

Storage Humidity

20-85% (non-condensing )

Drop Specifications

Free fall of 1.2m air drop


Data line,2.4G Adapter, setup card for inventory function, usage guide, charger(optional)

More models. . .


Remark:Accessories may be different from list above depending on customer’s requirement.

If you need optional* item, please inform us before ordering.

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Royce Ye

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Q: Are you a Trading Company or Manufacturer ?

EastRoyce: We are factory specializing in the manufacture and export of barcode scanners. We have competent R&D Group and expe- rienced engineers.

Q: What is the scanning area of the barcode scanners? (A lot of light comes out like a barcode scanner in a supermarket)
A: Our barcode scanner is single line.

Q: What is the service life of the barcode scanner?
A: Our gun can scan more than 3 million times

Q: What is the difference between laser and red CCD?
A: The laser has high sensitivity and fast scanning speed. It can only scan barcodes on paper or plastic, but does not support scanning screen barcodes. Red light supports scanning screen barcodes, fuzzy barcodes, barcodes on paper and plastic, red light scanning speed is not as fast as laser!
  Our company's current product categories:
  Laser: ER-B006X, ER-B007X, ER-B10X, ER-B88BT, ER-B88W, ER-B90, ER-B90A, ER-B91, ER-B71, ER-B71BT...
  Red light: ER-B006H, ER-B007H, ER-B008X, ER-B91-2D, ER-B70-CCD,  ER-B93-2D, ER-B94-2D...

Q: What is the auto-sense/auto-scan function? What are the models?
A: The auto-sense/auto-scan function can be realized by setting. The company is equipped with a stand-it can automatically recognize and read the barcode without pressing the button.
  Model:ER-B007X ,ER-B10X ,ER-B91-2D...

Q: What battery does the barcode scanners use, and is there a certification report?
A: The bar code gun uses 18650 lithium batteries, which have the latest MSDS and UN38.3 battery reports.

Q: Why can't some barcodes be scanned?
A: Because some infrequently used barcodes are disabled by default at the factory, you only need to enable the corresponding type of barcode to scan normally. If you don't know the barcode type, you can contact our technicians to help you solve it.

Q: Why Choose US ?
A: We are factory/company developing/manufacturing barcode scanners with our professional R&D/Production team, all the products are 100% QC inspected and passed before shipment.Years ago, EastRoyce joined the Apple MFi licensing Program and became one of MFi Members, we are serious on our technology capability.

Q:Why Your Product Price is Higher than some other brand ?
A: We always believe that Best Product is basing on Best Design first , then Best Materials Control, finally Best Quality(Manufacturing) Control. A best product with long lasting life must be made by much better performance components/materials with higher cost. We don't want to sell a product which you can only use for 1 year , half a year , even a few months.

ER-B006H Ultra-long standby 2.4G Wireless 1D CCD Barcode Reader for warehouse

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